Growing Your Business Through Customer Service

Did you know that according to Statistics New Zealand ...

  • Quarterly staff turnover rate in Retail is above 15%?

  • Quarterly staff turnover rate in Hospitality is above 26%?

  • The current unemployment rate sits at 4.4% and has been continuously falling for the past year meaning it's even harder to attract and retain great people?

  • The current NZ Living Wage rate is $20.55 an hour and has been continuously rising since its introduction in 2013?

  • There has been a reduction in the overall amount of visas for immigrants, meaning the talent pool will be smaller?

Roles in retail, hospitality, contact centres and service roles with a tonne of customer engagement all rely heavily on top notch levels of sales and service - they are literally the frontline of the business. Customers’ view of you, whether they love, hate, or think so-so will be heavily influenced by your frontline crew.

The importance of these roles, and the current challenges in finding and retaining these stellar people can be overwhelming. We’re here to help!

We know its hard to find and hire people with the right skill, ability and fit. The impact and cost when getting it wrong, is huge. The opportunity and growth that comes when you get it right, you guessed it, also huge!

Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.
— W. Edwards Deming



who are your customers?

Today, in business, there's a blurred line between what is marketing, sales or customer service. Frontline crew are the ones working daily all along these blurred lines. Regardless, every person in your crew should deeply know, and be focused on the customer. Everyone needs to who they are, what they need, and how you and your team meet these needs. Persona mapping is one way to really get clarity on who your customers are. 

what's the goaL?

Unless you’re clear on the destination, the GPS and the sexiest car can’t get you there. Start at the very beginning, follow the steps and hit your destination every time. It's really important to know your business' strategy and the game plan for your area if you're not the one driving the overarching strategy. When you know where you're headed, you can pick the team you need to make it happen.

its all about people!


the real cost

Costs can total between 30% to 50% of the annual salary. Let’s talk numbers:

  • Average yearly income for a full-time employee on $17 per hour

  • $35,360 before tax so a bad hire could cost you $14,144

  • Average yearly income for a part-time employee on $17 per hour

  • $17,680 before tax so a bad hire could cost you $7,000



Team culture flows throughout your organisation, and through to your customers. It is seen, heard and felt by  anyone who ‘touches’ your business. Being clear on the culture you’re wanting helps find the crew that live, work and play authentically and in alignment with what you need.



In high turnover businesses, where the focus is on delivering great service and frontline sales, it can be hard yakka establishing a steady, high performing team. In fact, they're kinda like unicorns. Reality is, most leaders in these industries are always recruiting. It can be time consuming with little reward, we've worked on this and have a way to reduce the pain and increase the gain! 

the magic


here we let you in on a little secret

A clear, efficient process and competencies are where it's at. Man, we so wish it were sexier than that, but it's not. Want to save time? Save money? Find the right team members and keep them engaged and learning? That's how you do it. We break it down a bit more ...