Brand Guidelines Are Your Friend

If you haven’t already, please do your business a favour and get yourself some brand guidelines. You’ll thank us later.

We love brand guidelines because they’re a simple and cost effective way to ensure you have a recognisable, consistent brand that your organisation invests in. Consistency is a super easy way to achieve a professional looking brand.

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The Cost of Staff Retention and Replacement

Did you ever spend much time thinking about – and ideally understanding – the idea that people join companies when starting a new job, but in the end leave their managers? While this isn’t always the case, several studies have found that the most common issue in management is that around 70% of employees are disengaged at work. Basically, bad boss = poor performance for the whole team.

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Kat Malmus
A Humanistic Approach to Leadership and Sales

Many of the models, books, approaches to sales and leadership are based on the British or American approach - while there are similarities between these cultures and ours here in Aotearoa, we do like to do things a little differently. It’s actually more likely that we have more in common with the Scandinavians, Chinese and Japanese than the Americans when it comes to business, leadership and sales. Humanistic is the word for it!

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Strategy - Start at the start

Unless you’re clear on the destination, the GPS and the sexiest car can’t get you there. Start at the very beginning, follow the steps and hit your destination every time. It's really important to know your business' strategy and the game plan for your area if you're not the one driving the overarching strategy. When you know where you're headed, you can pick the team you need to make it happen.

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Shifting Line Between Sales and Marketing

Consider the shift between where sales and marketing start and finish. In the good old days of marketing, it was much more about advertising and the creative, and sales was the face to face interaction between the salesperson and the buyer, however as we all know, the internet has rapidly changed the way we do business. Read more about what it looks like today and where to focus.

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