All About Marketing

It is all about the market - your current and potential customers, their needs and wants and how you will meet these with products they will exchange value for. It does include how you reach and engage with your market place, and it is not about cool ads or being 'the colouring in department'. Marketing, when done well, is a real game changer, especially for early stage companies.

Marketing must invent complete products and drive them to commanding positions in defensible market segments.
— Bill Davidow
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Marketing STRATEGY

Knowing your market, and having a first class game plan to engage with them is crucial.  It’s not uncommon for people to confuse the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. Read on to get the gist of what the main differences are.


Unless you’re clear on the destination, the GPS and the sexiest car can’t get you there. Start at the very beginning, follow the steps and hit your destination every time.




Marketing in 2017 and beyond is very different to what it was 10 years ago. A great CMO or Head of Marketing is now more like a CIO! Are you clear on what types of marketers you need? What responsibilities and tasks do they need to do? Get an overview of where marketing roles are at today.



Team culture flows throughout your organisation, and through to your customers. It is seen, heard and felt by  anyone who ‘touches’ your business. Being clear on the culture you’re wanting helps find the crew that live, work and play authentically and in alignment with what you need.



If you’re in the early days of growth, you may need a marketer that can be strategic and hands-on, or a superstar acquisition marketer who is all about lead gen. Or someone to steady the ship, set the direction, and manage a team of outsourced experts. Knowing where you’re at and what you actually need this role to deliver, and how they’ll spend their days, is crucial.



the end-to-end marketing process

In a congested business world where time, resources and your audience’s attention are scarce, doing what is necessary, to the best possible standard, makes sense. Wasting time and money on marketing tactics that don’t deliver, or reviewing data that doesn’t contribute to your objectives can be common when a piece-meal approach to marketing is taken. Using the linear MOSTIMO™️ framework gives you a simple, logical, and lean approach to effective marketing.