Our Story

At the heart of Bolstur is the need to stur ordinary up, it isn’t business as usual for us. We don’t want to do things ‘how they’ve always been done’. We’re taking a different approach, we’re redesigning things so people are the centre point of success. We’re on the same journey as our clients – like them, we’re building something remarkable.

Most early stage and small-medium companies are stretched – no time to get work done or manage clients, build product, or hire the team. This is where we step in. Our vision is to consistently provide simple, yet powerful, tools that help our clients improve the world around them. If that means grow sales, hire the right crew, develop capital management skills, we’ve got the tool for the job and it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Our mission is to give you the right tool at the right time.

Our success relies on supporting their (your) journey. We embrace the things that make us proud to be Kiwi and we’re keen to take this to the world (along with our clients).

Our Vision


Our Values

Wanna know what's important to us? We'll tell (and show) ya!


We’re not going to be something we’re not, we’re not going to candycoat things… we prefer to be straight-up – no bullshxt. Our brand values aligns with who we are as people, which doesn’t stop when we leave work.


 Like many kiwi legends (Kate Sheppard, Sir Edmund Hillary etc) before us, we prefer to lead and take everyone with us. We will fight for the underdog.

The journey AND the destination 

We appreciate the moments in between milestones…we believe this is where the soul of our (and our clients) business exists. The challenges the journey brings us, make us stronger.


Embracing it in a real way. We promote a world that embraces diversity and champions equality. We believe the broadest perspectives bring the best solutions (and the most fun!).

Openness, intelligence and creativity

 We are keen to share our knowledge and experience in exciting new ways that sometimes challenges, surprises and delights, while always focusing on desired outcomes.

Embrace and drive change

We actively seek and promote change that brings positive results, we are constructively discontent.



Sales is an unregulated and non-certified professional field. Marketing is changing faster than Wonder Woman whips out the lasso of truth. Both are areas where research shows Kiwi companies sink a lot of time and money into, without getting the desired results.

We want to help Kiwi companies raise the bar, themselves, in terms of sales and marketing. No costly portal to access, no expensive consultants to meet with (in say, 4 weeks, when they have time), nothing but effective tools, at your disposal, in real time, ready to go and ready to help you build your capability, now.

We also want to build a business that is successful, growing, engages with/contracts/employs super smart diverse talent, shatters the 9-5 bs, acts with integrity, delivers results for our customers annnnnnd adds a cherry on top with a splash more good by supporting causes that are close to our hearts (cue pics of gorgeous NZ native animals, protecting the environment and developing young people). We commit 2% of profits annually to causes of our choice. We know it’s not just about the cash through, so you’ll also see us donate our time, efforts, voice and resources to causes we care about too.


The time was right to join forces and commercialise our IP to meet a market need. We want to grow a profitable business and we want to be okay saying that (our Kiwi humility makes that tough) – but we also want to say that profit is not a bad thing, if derived in a fair way. We know that we can have a values and market-led company, that is growing, contributes to the local economy and community, in a variety of positive ways and that friends, is important to us. You can run a smart business, make money and be good humans. Okay, we’ll get off that soapbox.

We’re also passionate about our areas of expertise, have a shared vision of creating a great design and market-led company, and we want to help companies, especially NZ companies, raise the bar in terms of sales and marketing.

Our People


Melissa Davies


Melissa has been working across strategy, marketing and sales in tech and the industrial sector for a fair few years now. While it’s a long way from her roots on a Canterbury farm, her time as a Senior Exec in Sydney, Brisbane, Wellington, and working with a Bitcoin startup in Queenstown, has reinforced her passion to raise the bar for strategy and marketing in NZ businesses, and to help entrepreneurs build their skills in these areas.
She also wants to create better understanding that marketing is not “the colouring in department” – great businesses all start with the right people and then with great marketing. This means knowing their market, their customers and their needs and meeting these exceptionally well.
When she’s not on her soapbox about this or championing the power of diversity, Melissa spends the rest of her time developing business ideas, feeding a Google addiction, coaching people, learning more about the world (trying to change it on occasion), writing a book, socializing (Prosecco thanks!), collecting experiences, lost in a forest, travelling, being outdoors, and generally making the most of life!

You can connect with her here on LinkedIn and please sign up for our monthly hot tips and news here.


Nate Martin


Understanding process, value and execution is central to everything Nate creates. As a creative who operates in the digital space his intent is to create solutions that evolve the digital realm toward a place where technology becomes more human.
This approach resonates throughout his portfolio, which spans across (but not restricted to) a multitude of digital experiences including: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, App Development, Concept Design, Animation/Post Production.  Predominantly the solutions he creates are for a global market. A career highlight was winning an Emmy Award, for excellence in television, specifically Outstanding New Approaches.
He embraces the hairy problems no-one else wants to touch, he doesn’t care who get’s credit, he just wants to win.
nlike most Dad jokes…his are awesome. When he’s not kickin’ it with his kids and girl…he’s looking for waves.

You can connect with him here on LinkedIn and please sign up for our monthly hot tips and news here.

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