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Grab a coffee, kickback – get ready to stur ordinary up.


We’re on a mission to help business owners, founders, and leaders get access to leading, relevant and effective sales and marketing tools. The key here is the tools are useful, simple and affordable, we hope you agree! If you can’t find what you need, holler and we’ll see if we can get the gears grinding for you!


Back to Basics


Founders and Business Owners – we get it!

You’re under the pump, busy managing everything from cash flow, staff, product development, investor relations, brand management, growth and hundreds of other time-critical, and important things.

Tech In Asia wrote about the pressures a Founder deals with and says “despite the enormous stress a founder goes through, none of it is shared with others around, Khailee says. “That’s the kind of thing we don’t talk to our investors, we don’t talk about it to our staff, and we don’t talk about it to other founders.”

Which is why we love the work Founders Central are doing (great article here from Idealog!) and which is why we aren’t going to make big promises we can’t keep or waffle on too much. We can’t solve many of your challenges, we can certainly empathise and we can assist when it comes to helping you grow your capability in sales and marketing.

What We're Here For

To deliver you sales and marketing tools that help you and your crew build capability in real time, tools that actually work, solve your problem today, and that are cost effective. That’s it. That’s our mission – help Kiwi companies raise the bar in sales and marketing, themselves. No need to hire coaches and consultants and self-professed gurus, build your capability where there’s aptitude and attitude, and hire the gurus for the stuff you want to. 



Some of What We Can Help You With



‘Sales’ refers to receiving income from customers for the products or services you provide. The people usually responsible for this are your sales team – their key focus is to uncover and understand current and potential customer wants and needs, build trust and rapport with the customer and have a deep understanding of the customer’s business and their, often unstated, needs.

When the time is right, they need to work with the customer to educate, inform, and influence the customer’s buying decision so as to see the value your product or service offers, and to get the customer to select yours in a way that ensure’s they’re getting what they need and what they expect.

In our sales section, we cover off the three core areas of focus - planning, people and process. Sexy huh? 


It is all about the market – your current and potential customers, their needs and wants and how you will meet these with products they will exchange value for. It does include how you reach and engage with your market place, and it is not about cool ads or being ‘the colouring in department’. Marketing, when done well, is a real game changer, especially for early stage companies.

Marketing must invent complete products and drive them to commanding positions in defensible market segments.
— Bill Davidow

Oooh and we love this one too, American Marketing Association’s definition of marketing:

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.
— American Marketing Association

Our Products



If you've got a great idea and are on your way to starting your business, you may have an idea in mind for the name of the business or the product range, or have a clear vision for the logo, so we want to make sure you keep truckin' and round out this idea. 

This workbook helps you get ready to go by helping you with the whole, brand story, before signing up a designer or agency or getting too far down the track with the idea, before doing a sense check. 



The essential tool for determining what sales skills you have and those which you want to add to the team. These sales competency cards help reduce risk when building your business and hiring sales people, helping you to focus on finding the right person for your business. 

These cards can be used for:

1. Self Assessment of Sales Skills

2. Assessing Co-Founding Team Skills

3. Hiring a Sales Person

4. Interviewing Sales Candidates

5. Performance Management of Sales Teams


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